Wednesday, November 10

Spree chokes on words instead of his coach.

Latrell Sprewell, who once lost most of a season for choking coach P.J. Carlesimo, recently learned a valuable lesson in math:

One pithy comment, plus two reporters, equals infinite fan heckling and taunts.

It seems the former All-NBA guard was a little peeved that Minnesota Timberwolves management wanted to restructure his $14,000,000/year deal down to $9,000,000 -- and that "a guy's got to feed his family."

And exactly why would anyone take offense to that?

Update (5/19/05): Wolves owner Glen Taylor recently called the pairing of Sprewell and Sam Cassell a "failed experiement," and said neither was coming back to the team. Well, now he's backtracking, and Cassell is back -- and so is Spree (if he can live on less than $14M)