Thursday, May 5

ABC News: An Illicit Affair on 'American Idol'?

ABC News: An Illicit Affair on 'American Idol'?: "May 3, 2005 -- A former 'American Idol' contestant told ABC News' 'Primetime Live' that Paula Abdul, one of the judges for the hit reality television show, provided him with off-camera tips and assistance while he was a contestant, even helping him select some of the songs he would sing."

Let's look at what Fox had at its disposal to counter the allegations.

First, Paula Abdul's blanket denial was expected. Now that there is public evidence that Corey and Paula didn't have proper professional distance, there will be more questions. (The cough syrup may be the key, moreso than the phone stuff.)

Second. a lot of people though the "Fallen Idol" show would have some of the current information about Bo Bice's drug arrest record. That information hit the Smoking Gun website about a week and a half ago. Makes you wonder whether Fox leaked Bice's record as a pre-emptive strike.

It certainly wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility. He properly warned them about his arrest record... they had easy access to the documents... a well-timed release might blunt the interest in the "Fallen Idol" expose... it might even generate sympathy against ABC for even doing a piece (which it did in Birmingham.)

Like a lot of good PR strategies -- we may never know.

Paula Abdul, on the other hand, might still have some 'splainin' to do.

Straight up. Your thoughts?