Wednesday, May 25

Newsweek's got a bigger problem.

Just when it appeared Newsweek might be getting past the fallout from the backtrack on the Koran abuse story -- The Washington Post Company has a more difficult situation to handle.

A blogger with an interest in learning Japanese stumbled across that nation's version of Newsweek.

Pictures being worth thousands of words and all, this cover does demand your attention, with the American flag in the trash can.

But before you rush to judgement about what Newsweek was thinking, you really ought to look at the translation of the cover text.

In case you can't make out the text, click on the cover to the left to open it in a new window.
Rick Adams translated the page, and it certainly is an eye-opener:

"The Day America Died"

"With Bush Remaining in Office, the Ideal of "Freedom" is Dashed to the Ground"

The supporting text inside isn't much friendlier:
From the editorial staff

"Since Newsweek is an American magazine, why would it tell us of problems with Bush?" we are occasionally asked in an ironic tone. However, we do not take sides, but only analyze the meaning of events from various viewpoints. Perhaps this has led to misunderstandings.

What have Americans lost due to the Bush administration in the last four years, and what will the world lose in the next four years? Verified facts, not opinions from any viewpoint, are laid forth in the special report in this issue.
You think Newsweek will get complaints about this? How many Americans will interpret this as pandering to anti-American audiences, or even worse, a possible cause of anti-American global sentiment. And why would Newsweek carry these "verified facts, free from opinion" in international editions instead of say, I don't know, publishing them in the United States?

Step carefully, Newsweek.


At 5/26/2005 09:51:00 AM, Blogger Terry "Tex" Turner said...

Koran flushing. Flag trashing. So what's next week's Newsweek cover story?

"Slavery -- A Return to Full Employment"

"Hinduism -- A Billion People Following a False Religion"


"Europe -- Nuke it Now"


Your two cents...

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