Tuesday, May 10

Loose lips, pink slips?

Let's get some feedback here.

A former student at an all-girls Catholic school in Chicago is suing her teachers for discussing her case of mono with several classes -- describing it as "a disease that whores get."

Pretend you are hired to do damage control for this lawsuit and the resulting publicity. What can you do at this point to regain institutional integrity?

Keep in mind, a lot of time has passed since the incident. Contrast that with the case of the Columbus, GA high school student who was suspended for 10 days for talking on his cell phone during school hours. (It was his mother calling... from Iraq.) That boy's suspension was lifted after two days, and he won't be penalized for missing any tests or assignments. (That might have something to do with a tide of public sentiment.)

So, back to the schoolgirl with whose mononucleosis led to a bad rep. What would you do?


At 5/11/2005 06:25:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's tough, because you are limited in what you can fess up to during litigation. You don;t want to give away too much.

The easiest course would be to point out that this is in the past, in different, pre-HIPA times. What was once might have seemed acceptable is no longer so. There are new laws and regulations that prevent this exact thing from happening. Yesterday's mistakes are not going to be repeated...


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