Tuesday, June 7

Mr. and Mrs. Stiff.

What a pair of whiny-pants.

Brad and Angelina don't want to talk about their relationship while out promoting their new movie. Instead of politely declining to answer questions, they use legal muscle. You can't even get into the room to ask a question unless you sign a document promising to only ask about their movie. (Unless you want to talk about their globe-hopping charity and politics.)

The "contract" goes so far as to promise legal action if any of the interviews are used in an unflattering manner.

I guess it's hard to promote "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" with words like "homewrecker" being bandied about.


At 7/01/2005 02:18:00 PM, Anonymous Stephanie Lamar said...

All I have to say is this:
Why is homewrecker such a bad word?

And this:
Why is everyone acting so suprised? Remember Woody Allen? He was banging his own daughter under his wife's nose but everyone wrote that off as "Oh, that's just
Woody." Why? Because he's a man? Because he's weird? Because he's ugly?

I think Angelina, if she is indeed a "homewrecker," is "homewrecking" in the most decent way she could. She's not trashing Jennifer Anniston in public and is avoiding overt PDA with Brad out of respect.

Plus, Brad Pitt is so hot, can you blame her?


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