Monday, July 18

You gotta know when to hold 'em...

...and know when to fold 'em.

Especially when your name is Kenny Rogers. He's the pitcher for the Texas Rangers who is fighting a 20-game suspension for assaulting a cameraman *before* pregame warmups. This guy is a walking, talking advertisement for the benefits of media training.

Rogers was booked on the 18th on his midemeanor assault charges, and what did he do?

Surely, he didn't accost the photographer getting video of his booking. I mean, surely, right?


Rogers stared at the guy for several seconds, then said "I bet you're real proud of yourself now, don't you?" The videographer said "I'm just doing my job, Kenny."

I know the Texas fans love it, but the booing on the road will be the worst punishment. Robbie Alomar had to deal with that for years after spitting on an ump.

Somebody had better get in soon to teach Kenny how to play well with others, before another poor soul finds himself defenseless in Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.


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